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Disclaimer: I’ve worked on many projects with over a dozen different studios. None of the following content is meant to implicate any one in particular, and it is not a strictly linear narrative.

There’s been a lot of anger creeping into my corner of the internet:
Anger about the unequal or…

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07 Aug


The Capital Children’s Choir’s a cappella take on Crystal Castles’ ‘Untrust Us’ is pretty amazing.

Watch a children’s choir sing Untrust Us by Crystal Castles

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25 Jun

Outside the Danish parliament

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20 Jun

Companies are not your friends

To recap what has happened today:

My train from Berlin to Naumberg was delayed. What are the chances?

My second train was also delayed. Seriously, WHAT ARE THE CHANCES.

By the time I arrived at the airport I had already missed my flight to Istanbul, and then missed my flight to Hong Kong. The guy at the Turkish Airlines counter said he could put me on the next flight, which was tomorrow, for the low low price of 430€. Which I don’t have.

So now my parents are paying even more money to get me home and I’m sleeping in the worst airport man has ever built. I have also only eaten six pieces of sushi all day.

Of course if the first train was delayed I could still probably make the flight, provided the second train didn’t get delayed by a whole hour (!!!). Deutsche Bahn, a living example of why you should never privatise important industries like transportation offered nothing more than a sheepish apology, a bottle of Coke and an envelope that I have to mail to them if I want compensation which is around 1.50€. These people do not give a flying fuck if you are stranded and if you need to get from one place to another. Not to mention this is a RAILWAY COMPANY. Surely I wasn’t in the wrong to expect a company whose entire business is to send people around the country on trains to have taken me to my destination in a reasonable manner.

The Internet is completely useless when I needed tips on sleeping at the airport. It turns out that most of the good places require a security check and a boarding pass. Which I don’t have. Thanks again, DB.

This isn’t to say that all railway companies are terrible. Perhaps I should have paid double for an earlier train (until you realise I paid 80 for a ticket). Perhaps it was track maintenance (until you realise railways never do maintenance at 11 in the morning on a weekday). And of course there are the two excellent rail companies, DSB of Denmark and SJ of Sweden which have both done a great job in not sucking.

The lesson here is that companies are not your friends. They don’t care if you have spent 80 euros on a train ticket to get somewhere on time. They don’t care if you have to sleep in an airport for a night. They don’t care if you’re paying even more money for another flight back home. Frankly they would love to just take your money and not bother to put you on a train if it was legal. And yet we are forced to depend on these incompetent, worthless and completely pathetic faceless organisations for our everyday lives, for some of the most personal things we depend on. How have we come to this?

I should also make it clear that I am very annoyed and very inconvenienced. But at the same time I am fully aware that I am merely paying money for my inconvenience. I am delayed. I am not dead. There are plenty of people who have it worse than me. I would hate to be the asshole who makes something like this into the greatest struggle humanity has ever faced (whilst probably wording my post to make it seem like I have).

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19 Jun


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19 Jun

Craft beer from Brooklyn, of all places. (at Das Meisterstück)

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19 Jun

Deutscher Dom (at Deutscher Dom)

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16 Jun

Copenhagen’s old town is like every other old town, but with more H&Ms (at Gammel Strand)

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16 Jun

The fifth best newspaper in Denmark (at Politiken)

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16 Jun

Danish coins are extremely impractical but very cool

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15 Jun

All public transport tickets should be this easy to read

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15 Jun

The Gamla Stan reminds me of the old town in Tallinn in every way (at Gamla Stan)

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15 Jun

This is the Swedish parliament. It is on its own island in the middle of the city. (at Sveriges Riksdag)

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13 Jun

A Norwegian brown ale

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